The TempElertUSB was designed with these general applications in mind:

  • A mission critical sever room temperature monitor to alert system operators of catastrophic air conditioner failure

  • A monitor for food service programs to warn of potentially spoiled food if the temperature gets above freezing/compliance levels

  • A humidity alert system to warn of water, mildew, and dry/moist conditions that may affect your investment

  • A logging thermometer and hygrometer to provide proof of data in these applications

  • An inexpensive and easy to use device that requires minimal setup, essentially zero maintenance, and offers flexibility in reporting and logging

As far as specific applications go, TempElertUSB can be used for:

Information Tech

Food Services


Other applications

Server room monitoring Freezer overtemp alarm Process control alarm Air temperature logging
Ambient temp monitor Refrigerator alarm Process humidity alarm Greenhouse monitoring
Ambient humidity monitor Humidity alarm Process temperature alarm Wine cellar monitor
Rack space airflow check Temperature logging Warehouse monitoring Vacation home monitor
A/C airstream monitor Humidity logging Air flow alarm Animal barns

The TempElertUSB can be installed on most any computer running Windows 2000 or later, and can be set to monitor the air temperature and relative humidity (plus derived dewpoint) for that location. Even better, using the cabling accessories, it can be extended away from the monitoring computer up to 100 meters (300 feet) using CAT5 network cabling.

TempElertUSB can be set to monitor over and under temperature, dewpoint, and humidity alarm conditions, then alert you several ways:

  • Visually on screen

  • Audibly via computer speaker

  • Via Email

  • Via pager

  • Via cellphone

  • Via mailing list server


The applications are limited only by your imagination. At $99, TempElertUSB is a simple, effective, and inexpensive insurance policy when temperature or humidity extremes can damage your investment.

Datasheet: TempElertUSB_datasheet.pdf (1MB)

BONUS - Included on the CD ROM is an optional use networked system shutdown program (PowerBug) that you can operate remotely to shut down all machines in a server room if you get an over-temperature condition.




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Easy to apply to racks with a USB extender cable and adhesive clip

Can plug directly behind rack servers to monitor cooling airflow

Or plug directly into the front of the rack server USB port

The TempElertUSB Digital  Alerting Thermometer and Hygrometer can be used for:

  Server rooms
  Air duct monitoring
  Fan monitoring
  Wine cellars
  Walk in freezers
  Basements (humidity)
  Vacation homes
  Outside air temp
  Comfort monitoring
  A/C failure alerter
  Heating failure alerter
  Mildew conditions alert
  Worker environment alert
  Animal farming
  Food service refrigerators